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The Real Estate Agent's Guide to

Home Staging on the Sunshine Coast


Now, you may be thinking, What's the point of home staging? After all, you're a real estate agent, not an interior designer. Your job is to sell properties and you've sold plenty of them in the past. But here's why home staging is an essential part of the selling process, that will make your job considerably easier and more enjoyable, for both the owner and yourself.

  • Staging Creates that Essential Emotional Connection - Every home sale is made first with the heart and then the brain creates logical reasons to justify that decision.  It only takes 10 seconds for a buyer to decide whether or not they love the home.  Property styling done well creates that wow factor every buyer is hoping for.
  • Staging Produces Online Photos That are 100% More Enticing - With 86% of Australian home buyers searching online before ever calling a real estate agent, you will attract more leads with better photos and once visiting a property, home buyers are more likely to make an offer on a home that shows well.
  • Staging Keeps You and Your Clients Aligned - Your clients don’t want to hear you recommend a $10,000, $20,000 or $50,000 price reduction because that’s money right out of their pockets. Home staging services can range anywhere from several hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars to fully furnish a large or very high-end home. In every case, the cost to your client will be significantly less than the price reduction, guaranteed. This makes for a much easier conversation with your clients and keeps you on the “same team.”
  • Staging Reduces Time on the Market - Let your seller know that, according to research, staged homes sell faster than un-staged homes.  Approximately 72% faster.
  • Staging Increases the Listing Price - Another reason to stage is that it can increase the amount that the home sells for— by 3% - 10%!

Home staging with Showcase Property Styling is a worthwhile investment. Our personal experience shows that staging helps a home sell faster and for more money. Check out our results here...

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"Over the last 18 years in real estate, I have used lots of property stylists. Showcase have been the best I have found. The last home Showcase styled house we sold for $50,000 over our expectations in 24 hours! It's the single smartest investment a property owner can make, if you want to be guaranteed you sell for the highest price possible, invest in having your home styled by Showcase."

Byron Miller

 "Showcase Property Styling impressed with professionalism and attention to detail.The finished product blew me away and the sellers thought the property looked amazing. Thanks for making my job easier!"

Joanne Reilly

"We have been working with Showcase Property Styling for over a year now. They are always professional, helpful and compassionate to each and every home and the sellers circumstances. The presentation of styling is second to none and their quality of furniture and accessories are always perfectly suited to each and every home. I would highly recommend them and believe that if you are considering selling that you should definitely give them a call."

Kirsty Emden