Professional Property Styling on the Sunshine Coast

The Dream House Sale

There are few things we own in our lives that are worth more than our homes.  So when you decide to sell that valuable asset you want to make sure that you get the best outcome possible.  And you will, of course, expect things to go like clockwork, right up to the point of settlement when the money is in the bank!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but according to Business Insider Australia, real estate agents around the country said there are several factors that can in fact make a house less desirable and even unsellable.

Included on the list are such things as...

  • An unrealistic price tag.
  • Bad odours in the house.
  • A lack of natural light.
  • Neglected major repairs or renovations.
  • Outdated decor can be a deal breaker.
  • Cluttered and unattractive interior.

What Do YOUR Buyers Want?

Over the years your prospective buyers have been inspired by programs such as... Better Homes & Gardens, The Block, House Rules and Grand Designs.  As well as all those fabulous magazines like Belle and Vogue Living.  But one thing they've also done is raise our expectations of what we want our homes to look like.  

So much so that real estate agents are noticing that presentation has become so key to a favourable house sale that the use of home stylists, has gone from niche to mainstream in a few short years.  People want their home to look like a magazine.  It’s the dream, they’re buying the dream.

When prospective buyers step right into their dream lifestyle, the selling process is typically much quicker, smoother and more profitable.

The key then, to getting top dollar for your property sale, is to make your buyer fall in love. Home staging has a huge role to play in this, by creating a beautiful-looking property that buyers just can’t go past.

Increase the Value & Sell it Faster!

Selling your house or investment property on the Sunshine Coast doesn't have to be a difficult time.

The formula is an easy one... emotional impact increases the value of the property and sells it faster... and often for more!  

Getting professional help to have your home market-ready and quickly sold will reduce the stress and time required to keep your home clean and tidy for weeks or months while you wait for an offer.

Leasing a Showcase Property Styling furniture package to stage your house will ensure a beautifully put-together home that will get more attention from serious buyers.

Showcase Property Styling - the Best Choice!

How your property is displayed in different media will have a big impact on how long your property spends on the market and how much potential profit you can make. Whether you’re having an open house, selling your house at auction or putting your home up for sale online, we will tailor a Showcase Property Styling furniture package for the style of your property and the likely demographic of the buyer.

Being highly qualified as both an Interior Designer and a Home Stager, Liane Jacobs can provide the expertise you need to achieve results beyond your expectations, whether you're a homeowner, an agent or a developer.  Her friendly and professional team are happy to help with any questions and an obligation free quote for your particular needs, so contact us today!  

Liane Jacobs

Principal Designer & CEO