Does Home Staging REALLY Sell Properties?

While Home Staging is the icing on the cake, and attracts buyer attention, other factors come into play when placing a home up for sale.

I call them the three P's  -  Presentation, Price & Promotion


Of course, presentation is where professional home stagers, Showcase Property Styling comes in. A well presented home draws attention and attracts potential purchasers to view the home online, and then in person. Many of our staged homes attract 15 to 20 groups of potential buyers to each open home.  And that's a great amount of buyers - ask any real estate agent on the Sunshine Coast.

To recap the statistics we shared last week:

  • Buyers view an empty home an average of 6 minutes.
  • When an empty home is staged, buyers take an average of 40 minutes to view that home.
  • The longer a potential buyer stays on the property, the more likely they are to view it as their future home.
  • Homes staged prior to going on the market sell in 90% less time.
  • Staged homes often sell for 5 – 10% more
  • 80% of buyers find it easier to visualise a property as their future home when staged

Investing in house staging is far less expensive and more effective than reducing the sale price of the property.


Here's where the seller comes in. Ultimately it's the sellers who set the sale price for the home. We like to think this is done in collaboration with their real estate agent who can show them comparable home sales in their area, and guide them in what to expect from the current market. When the seller sets an optimistic and realistic price, it can be a win/win for everyone.


This area is all in the hands of highly experienced real estate agents. Navigating the online listings & printed adverts, setting open house times and finally negotiating the showings to potential home buyers are skills honed by years of customer service and passion for the profession.

A great working relationship between the seller, the agent and the stylist creates the best possible outcome.

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